My favorite Spring Activities #1

Today’s Song!

Hi guys!

Long time no see! Today I am sharing with you some of my favorite activites that are the best for these warm days. Spring is one of my favorite seasons because warm days arrive after the cold winter, you can wear your light clothes again, play with light jackets and layers, flowers are blooming, people are happy.. AND it is not too hot – which is something that I HATE.

This is going to be a little series about all the activities I like to do during Spring!

WELL, PICNICS! I love love love love love picnincs!


Red Towel is a must, I hope we agree on this… (hihi)


Such a cute pic that I found @ A CUP OF JO (love this blog – tou should check it out)


You can’t forget to bring some things to play and have fun. This game can turn out crazy. I am that kind of girl who freaks out when she plays UNO. Sorry. :/


 Well and a good board game is always nice! My favorite one must be Pictionary! So fun!


And well, to keep the atmosphere cool and relaxed, I would always bring my tiny speakers. I actually use these ones by Nokia. They are amazing. Well, but because we are educated, we will make sure the music is not too loud. *prep*




19 thoughts on “My favorite Spring Activities #1

  1. Hi P&F. In the movie industry (by the way, I love movies) Usually 5 stars are used to rate a movie, but IMDB.COM uses a 10 star rating. Your post today is just awesome, so I had a light bulb moment and decided I would rate your posts with LOVE 🙂 I need to do some research to find my heart to give you, and post this love / heart rating out of a whopping 10 heart rating 🙂 When I find the perfect heart I will post my “love/heart” rating, starting with today’s post! ❤

  2. ♥ ♥ ♥ … mmm, just checking to see if it can be done. By the way, this is not my love for your post rating 🙂 perfect heart yet to be found xxx

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