Those are nice pants!

Hi everyone!

Last Sunday, I went to the grocery store to do some shopping for the week. I saw there this very pretty woman with those GORGEOUS lime pants! I never really paid much attention to this color in fashion.. always thought it was too bright, to harsh to combine with other colors and materials..
But when I saw her wearing it…! :O It was so so pretty. She paired it with a nice white t-shirt, a  black blazer and some cute black flats.

I got back home and immediately went to Zara’s website to see if they had it! BINGO – found one that looks pretty much the same – here – can wait to go to the mall and try it!

In the same craziness, I went to and tried to look for other pieces of fashion in the same colors and ways to wear my (maybe) future pants!

Take a look and tell me what you think!



Cute with a white blazer


I would never have tell, but it actually looks pretty cool with another strong color!


In a more relaxed way with denim


Super cute dress!


But THIS completely enchanted me!



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