Need something cool to watch?

Hey guys!

I did a post about my favorite youtubers some weeks ago (you can find it here). But the truth is that I am super, super, SUPER obsessed with all the channels I follow on youtube.

Since the time I published that article, I discovered other ones and wanted to include some youtubers that I had not mentioned on my last post.


Sans titre 4

Sans titre 1

Sans titre 2

Sans titre 3

Sans titre 4.jpgess



9 thoughts on “Need something cool to watch?

  1. Thanks so much for that post! The thing is, my friend has been considering starting a vlog, and she wants me to join her, and your post looks like some kind if a sing… I think I should think it over ^^

    • Oh yea! That would be so so cool! Actually I would love vlogging and making videos but I think I’m just not made for that.. and all that editing process is definietly not for me hihi. I really admire people who do that! If you start vlogging with your friend (which seems to be a lot of fun) please let me know! I would love to follow you guys! XO

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