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Today’s Song!

Hi guys!

I was strolling on bloglovin (completely obsessed – my ritual every night!) and find this very cool article on I definitely recommend that you check it out because it has some amazing posts.

I love that new concept of shelves decorating your rooms and not only have a practical end. I agree with that perspective.

I kept these two pictures from her site because I found them really cute:




Now talking about serious stuff! As you may know I’m doing the decoration of my bedroom. You may knw from my previous posts that I absolutely love white bedrooms but I think it is nice and girly to have some bright touches (see this post).

SO, I thinks I would put on those shelves, an R like the D you can see on the pic. I would put, a vase with some nice flowers as well, some cute books and fancy magazine, souvenirs from my trips, and some vintage cute objects. I may add a some pictures and inspiring quotes in nice frames.

What would you put on your cute shelves? Share the inpiration!



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