Let’s have a break!

As you may know I have been wanting to get away from my town for a few days in order to relax and just breathe a different air.

I was thinking about spending a week end in a hotel or so and enjoy all the amazing services inside of it.

There are some key moments that I love when staying in a hotel. First, fiding my bedroom in the corridors, then discovering the actual room (the bathroom, the beds, the closet, the view, THE MINI BAR!), finally enjoy as I told the services meaning, dining room (breakfast!), room service, swimming pool, spa etc. (AAH!)

But yes, to me the breakfast really is a big deal! So I would like to ask you what do you prefer?


Room service?


Getting ready to go downstairs?

What are YOUR favorite moments?

What are your next projects for a break?




18 thoughts on “Let’s have a break!

  1. I love everything about staying in a hotel!!! The clean, crisp sheets, the big fluffy pillows, the cute little soaps, the big tubs and huge shower heads, not having to make my bed in the morning, going downstairs the next morning….literally EVERYTHING!!!

  2. I love staying in hotels! I think the best one I stayed in was in Krakow Poland, The Queen Boutique. It was in an old building redone, totally modern, 5 star and super cheap (think $80/night). The breakfast was insanely good and included in the price!!!!

  3. Tu te souviens de l’hĆ“tel dans lequel on avait dormi la premiĆØre fois qu’on avait prit la voiture pour aller Ć  Porto? (2006) avec le fauteuil au coussin rouge trĆØs suspect mais aussi toutes les statues et tout? :p

  4. Staying in a beautiful hotel is one of my favourite things about travelling! As long as it’s luxurious, serves great food and offers excellent service, it’s won me over! šŸ™‚ xo

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