My Favorite Links!

Hey guys!

I know I posted an article from Thought Catalog not that long ago, but I really really needed to share this one with you. I hope you will like it! What your Favorite Disney Princess Says About You

Everyday you ask yourself the same question before preparing your lunch/dinner – What am I going to cook/eat today? You do? So this website is for you!

For the ones who don’t know Nikki Phillippi, she is a very famous youtuber who makes any kind of girly nice videos.  For the new year, she started a video series called How to be Happy in January and it is very cool. I should let you check it out 😉 My favorite until now is How to Make Your Dreams Come True.

I have been introduced to this little girl some days ago, and I have been just addicted to these scene since then! How cuuute is she? 😀 I did not see the movie yet, I may see it tonight. Did you guys watch it already? What did you think?

Another blogger, introduced me to this video (I follow TED but have not seen this one before!). Learn more about body language!

I will talk to you soon.



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