DIY – Spice up your Sweater!

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Hey guys!

How are you doing?

I realized that it’s been a while since the last time I posted a DIY activity. Today I give you a few suggestions to customize your sweaters!
These pics are from Pinterest so, you may have seen them already. I really hope this post can inspire you though. šŸ˜‰


You should know I’m SUPER obsessed with sweater with these huge letters! I think it is so cool to have the first letter of your name right there – BAM!
I actually made some sweaters like that ( I don’t have any pics yet because I have to finish sewing them – but they came out really nicely.) The way I proceeded to create those sweaters was to print out the letter that I wanted. Size: As big as you can in a A4 page format. Font: I personnaly used this one, you only have to download it and then type on Microsoft Word, the letter you want to print out.
After you printed out, cut it. That pattern will guide you to cut out the letter on a felt material that you can find in any craft store. Once you have it, place it wherever you want on the sweater and sew! I don’t really advice you to glue it because I don’t think it will last after washing etc.
Please send me pics on my facebook page if you try it or if you already have done one! I’m so curious to see and get inspired by you guys! šŸ˜€


Credits: Pinterest


Credits: Pinterest

These two sweaters have very nice animal print details on them. I really think these are great spots to add a little something to your sweater. It can be beads, pearls, sequins, studs… or just another piece of fabric. Maybe from some other clothes that you don’t use? Have a look, New Year is a great moment to clean and organize all your closet! šŸ˜‰


I found this picture surfing on Pinterest and you can see the whole tutorial here. I think this combination of little details gives a tribal touch to the sweater which I love!

I hope you found this useful or at least that it inspired you a little bit and made your day a little bit brighter.

Thank you for all your support and your very nice New Year wishes!



7 thoughts on “DIY – Spice up your Sweater!

  1. J’adore la chanson šŸ˜‰

    Sinon j’pense qu’on s’est pas trompĆ©e dans ton cadeau d’anniversaire non? šŸ™‚

    Moi aussi j’veux un sweat L! en plus Ƨa fait LaurĆ©line Ly haha

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