Preppy (and Funny) Education

Hello everyone!

First of all I’s like to stress that this article is really far away from being a “How to be a prep”. I don’t agree with those tutorials, I just think you are who you are and you only adapt the style that you feel the closest to. Plus, as you may know, I am absolutely not the stereotype of a prep.
With that being said, let’s jump into the article!


Preps start their stylish life really soon…


… As they grow up, they find the perfect match, the perfect friends…


… They keep educating themselves. They learn about etiquette, culture, but also about style…


… But they can’t forget, the real source of happiness. 😉

I personally agree with each ones of the sentences that I wrote above, however, once again this is absolutely not me trying to say “You’re looking for a lifestyle? There you go my friend!” That would be weird, right? hahaha

I hope you enjoyed it and melted in front of that baby body.

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Credits: Pinterest


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