Elephants: This is how far my obsession goes…

Hey guys!

I wish you are having a good time for those who are having a Christmas break! I am personally getting ready for my exams at university, which are going to be at the beginning of year 2013. College life can be tough.

I decided to post this really random post about.. Elephants, of course (I am thinking about changing the name of the blog to dogsandelephants – what’s wrong with me?! hahaha).

I just realized that I had soo many pictures (from Pinterest) sitting in my “Images” file, I had to share them with you. With that being out of “Things to post” on my mind, we should get rid of elephants for a while! ;p


Okay, you should know that this is my profile picture on skype. So when I call my friends, that’s what they see. Creepy right? 😀 I’m joking, it’s totally the cutest pic ever!


This one is like, “Bring Elephants to your place 101”. How COOL are these items?


Super cute ring, Dumbo with diamond eyezzzz 😀


This is the nicest pair of earrings that I ever saw (with elephants)!


& Even my DIY’s are related to this animal… You can find this one easily on the internet. Find some plastic toy animals. Breathe deeply and cut them right in the middle – I know that’s harsh. Spray paint in gold (or any color that you like), add a magnet on each side, and there you go! Super cute magnets that give an illusion of the animal getting into your board and coming out the other side! Funny, right?

I hope you liked this little selection!

Talk to you soon.


Your dear P&F


6 thoughts on “Elephants: This is how far my obsession goes…

  1. I thought I was the only one obsessed with elephants. It started one day, and it grew from there. I also have a weird love for mooses. I normally gravitate towards aquatic animal, which are my first and foremost love. However, land animals elephants and mooses are my weakness.

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