A Little Outfit for My Baby ♡

Hey guys! I hope you all had a great Friday and that you are ready for the week end.

I really hope you won’t think I’m completely crazy but I have to say.. I have this passion for dog clothes. Pathetic?
I just think they are so cute!

Before jumping into the Christmas themed clothes, I wanted to show you that pic of this super cute Bichon, in order to know what my dog looks like. This is not her, I found this pic on Pinterest. But isn’t it so so cute? I just melted when I saw this one:


Then we have the super famous Boo who is just waiting for his Christmas dinner!


Some bigger guys who also enjoy the holiday time… 😉


And last but not least,


How cute is this little boy? Aw…

I hope you all had a good laughed and found them cute!

‘Til next post.



PS: I am so obsessed with dogs and Ijust realized that this is the second time that I post about dog completely dressed up. See my Halloween post here! (What’s wrong with me? hahaha)


9 thoughts on “A Little Outfit for My Baby ♡

  1. Lol. They are so, so adorable:) I like to make Alex wear jackets because I think she looks very cute, but she hates it. Don’t worry, a lot of pet parents like to dress up their canine kids:)

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