An Amazing New York Mag Cover

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As I was reading the newspaper today (Diario Economico, Portugal), I found out this article about NY. 7 Lessons from NY: “The “Big Apple” inspires us with 7 lessons: simplifying complex situations, promote diversity and an organized chaos (referring here to how organized the mass population and the huge surface are), harmonize work and fun, respect history in order to construct the future, bet on well balanced wages and cultural grow, create a good atmosphere to work and finally, take opportunities from crisis in order to regenerate and evolve.” RSVJ



A Connoisseur of Life

The latest cover of New York Magazine is making the rounds in the blog-o-sphere, but just in case you haven’t seen it, its an AMAZING photo showing the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in New York. Besides the masthead, small text “The City and the Storm” grace the cover.

I find the photo is extremely powerful and jaw-dropping because it invokes emotion and shock. Although the east coast knew in advance of the oncoming storm, the devastation was not deterred, only minimized.

And here’s the story about the photographer and what it took to get the shot.

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