Lovely Cars

Today’s Song!


As you may have notice on my Facebook Page, I won my second blog award! I am so so happy and excited! I will right about it on my next post!

Until that, I decided to publish some of my favorite pictures of vintage cars. In fact, if you read my article about my first award (here), you’ll find out that I am crazy about Jeeps! Something very funny happens in my everyday life which is: I’m incapable of finding another car which is not a jeep, nice.. However there are some exceptions: Vintage cars 😉

Hope you like it.

PS: I don’t know what’s going on with the songs that inspire me for the article! Lately I’ve chose very.. pop almost vintage songs! hahaha



9 thoughts on “Lovely Cars

  1. Não sabia que eras uma amante de carros antigos!
    Dá uma vista de olhos nestes e diz se não é de uma pessoa perder a cabeça e obrigar as marcas a produzir carros como antigamente:

    E por fim, como dizem os da tua terra, le piece de resistance:

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