Hello to all! 

I decided to post about haircuts since I’ve been asked by one of my fans and realized that nothing was published about that subject yet.

So here it goes. Once again, I should remind that this is absolutely not me telling what the new trends are, but just sharing with you my favorites haircuts and hairstyles as well of my opinion about them.
I tried to diversify the most the pics that I chose, varying the nationalities of the famous women, hair color, size texture etc.



I chose Blake Lively to represent long hair. I think she has such an amazing hair that suits her perfectly. In fact I think one of the most important thngs to remind is that, in order to have long hair you really need to treat it and it must look healthy. I prefer girls with thin but short haircuts in order to give them some life and movement, rather than looking flat and fragile.

For those who would be in this case (that is also mine!) I suggest a kind of intermediate haircut.
I chose Jenifer Bartoli, this french singer that I really like to show you a very very nice haircut!



I think this haircut is so cute, I love the hairstyle with those very 30’s waves. You can wear it straight or curly, to my point of view it always look good (of course, it depends on the shape of your face).

Concerning short hair, I chose that beautiful pic of Audrey Tautou.


In all movies that I saw with her, she always had this very strong personnality and this is exactly how I picture people with very short hair! hihi
I love how the cut looks on her because it gives such a self confident look of an accomplished woman!
Really likes how cute, elegant, respectable way it looks. 

I hope you liked this post and that it was what you were expecting.

Don’t hesitate in giving new ideas! 

Thank you for your support and for your visits.




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