Hello everyone! Week end is finally here! 
I spent a very nice time this afternoon, surfing around the net, having a look at amazing blogs and pinterest pages and found so so so nice pictres and ideas. 
I will be sharing them with you throughout the week. 😀
Looking forward to see what you think of it!

‘Til then, I want to share with you some nail art idea.

Okay, I must say, this is something very trendy these times, but I never used it for 2 main reasons.
The first well.. I’m not particularly talented, and I keep looking at some fabulous nails and think “Yeah, I can’t do that..” haha
Well, the second reason is that sometimes, even if they look simple they are kind of too much for me, and I don’t picture myself with super creative nails to go to college! 

BUT I FOUND THE PERFECT MATCH! An easy, discrete, creative, fun nail art!



I am planning on doing this, this week end (found this picture shared in pinterest)! I hope you like it. If so, you know what to do this w-e!
Personally, I’m not thinking about using any special manicure tool, only the nail polish brush to do the little dots (and of course the background).

I hope this will look cute… (also planning on doing it with different colors but still don’t know which – any ideas?).





3 thoughts on “Let’s try Nail Art

  1. Perfectly simple and oh so lovely! College student or busy mama…this would work for either! Thanks for the inspiration!

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