Hello to all!

Hope you all had a great week and that you are ready to chill during the week end.

Today I decided to post a new article that is going to be the first of  a new category called “Musings…”.

I’ll publish from time to time, a Musings article which will always include 3 tips/suggestions/thoughts about:

– Fashion

– Food and/or Recipes

– Funny stuff

Like the idea? So here comes the first one!


Yesterday I was scrolling down my personnal facebook home page and Zara had shared Malhek Farhat posts that were so so cute and luxiourious. I loved it!
Lately I’ve been crazy about yellow clothes so I have to confess when I saw this little outfit it was just a BIG CRUSH.


 On the other hand, my birthday is approaching really fast, and for this special occasion I decided that I wanted a BIG BIG cake. With several floors, colors and pearls! (Crazy idea?) So, I’ve been googling to get some ideas (because I’m planning on baking my own cake). What I find in general are wedding cakes. But still they are so nice and can give some ideas!


 Finally, for you to smile a little bit, I’ll share something that has been sent to me.

Tard the Grumpy Cat << Watch the video!



Hope you enjoyed it!

See you soon.



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