On a calm Saturday afternoon…

Hello to all!

Today I stayed at home, the wheather was not that good. After a while I decided to make some pancakes! Yes, out of nowhere!

I have this recipe that I tried for the first time this summer and the result was just delicious!

The recipe linked is in French so I decided to translate it en English for my non-francophones readers 😉

For this recipe you will need:
– 1 egg
– 30 cl of milk
– 225 g of flour
– 5 cl melted butter
– 20g of sugar (only if you want sweet pancakes)
– 3 and 1/2 tea spoon of yeast (optionnal depending on your flour)
– 1 tea spoon of salt

  • *In a bowl, put the flour, the salt and the yeast. Mix.
  • *In another bowl, put the milk, the egg and the melted butter. Mix.
  • *Add the liquid substance into the the dry one. Mix very carefully in order to avoid any lumps
  • *Start heating your frying pan at a moderate heat. Lubricate it with a paper towel soaked in oil.
  • *Take a small ladle of batter and pour gently to form a dough circle.
  • *When you start seeing little bubble at the top of the dough just turn it and let cook for a minute.
  • *Do the same with the est of the batter.

OF COURSE, you will those with butter and maple syrup. Basic. 😉

Actually I never really tried panckes in another way (like with berries and stuff), but I’m sure they’re just yummy as well! Something to do another day!

Bon appétit!




10 thoughts on “On a calm Saturday afternoon…

  1. Dear preppy and funny,
    Thank you so much for this pancake recipe!!!
    “ça a l’air trop bon, hum hum”
    I’ll tried asap for my baby girl..

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