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Hello dear readers 🙂

So happy to see that everyday I have more and more followers from all these different countries. HELLO TO ALL!

While I’m writing about you guys, I would like to thank, one of my readers and friend, “Anita” who  suggested putting some background music. Thank you again for this tip! Unfortunetly I am not going to do it. After thinking about it, I think it may be to invasive and some people will just want to turn it off everytime. However, I loved the idea of putting yourself in the mood of the article you are reading! So, I decided that for some articles I will put a link for a nice song in the very top. This way, you can listen to it, while reading the P&F NEWS!

Today’s MUSIC!

Keep commenting guys, and telling what you think and what you would improve!

I decided to publish this new article after reading (some weeks ago) the new catalogue of Mango.
They have some pages that I found quite nice and cute, reporting some random day of a business (cool) woman ;).

I totally agree about some moments such as:

9.00 A.M. Working Time
11.30 A.M. Coffe Break (Gosh, totally me!)
1 P.M. Business as Usual
6.00 P.M. Picnic on the street
6.30 P.M. Shopping time
9.00 P.M. Time to go out
12.00 P.M. Time to go home

This could be a good planning for the days I’m working.

What about the rest?

3.00 P.M. Jogging – well.. when I go jogging, I prefer doing it late afternoon.
8.00 P.M. Dinner express – not for me.. I like taking my time to have dinner – No rush while eating!

Cheers to all!



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