A few simple sentences to summarize what I think and feel about this famous brand,

They know how to sell lifestyle.
They know how to sell the lifestyle that I love.

Some people are back to work, some are back to college, some are back to school.. (well, and some are retired as well).

GANT is also back from the summer!
I was just having a look at their collection.. then their video promotion.. dear.. it made me want to go back to university and start wearing warm clothes again!

The sunglasses that appear in the 2nd picture are those that I was looking for this summer. To bad I didn’t find them..

Hope you enjoy! Don’t hesitate in giving ideas and advices! What did you like the most lately?




One thought on “GANT PREPPS OUT

  1. Great brand, you really have taste 🙂
    And I so much agree with you about wanting to wear warm clothes again, I want to go back to more elaborated outfits than bikinis&pareos haha !

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