Hey guys!

My last post today will be about boats, and sailing. This is a passion that I discovered a year ago.
Now it is completely different. I guess it is because now I am living in front of the ocean and I see these magnificent boats everyday.

After thinking a lot about it and annoying all my friends and family with that topic, I decided that I would take some sailing classes this next year in order to make my dream come true.

So, as you can see in the title, this is not something checked yet, but I hope that very soon there will be a post: “P&F Sailing! ✓!!”

Few weeks ago I visited a huge boat and yesterday I saw an amazing little sailing boats race. Wonderful!

The one that I visited was so amazing…

The two first pictures are random pictures from the internet, but the two last are pics that I took.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I do…

Do you have some experience sailing? Share it!



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